2011. július 8., péntek

First Hungarian Summer Harp School in 2011

The First Hungarian Summer Harp School was held in Budapest, June 27. - July 1., sponsored by Camac Harps.

Fortunately more and more children are interested in studying the harp in Hungary. There were open classes and master courses, playing together in groups, and the teachers tutored the students individually, too. On the last day the kids gave a concert to their parents and guests.

Organiser: Csilla Gulyás
Teachers: Judit Batta, Tünde Kiss, Nóra Liebe, Katalin Nagy, Ágnes Peták, Andrea Vigh

Both the school and the performance were a great success!

Edvard Grieg: Chanson de Solveig

One of the Two Joplin Rags

Alfredo Rolando Ortiz: Cumbia Verde (11 harpists)