2017. augusztus 12., szombat

HarpFlash – Deborah Henson-Conant at WHC 2017

Hello everyone! It's us, Dorottya Nizalowski and Fanni Nizalowski from Hungary and we are here in Hong Kong, at the 13th World Harp Congress.

– So, I heard that you were in Budapest for a while, I really want to know why were you here, do you have any good memories?

– I have amazing memories of Budapest I came to Budapest to make an album and it was the first album that I ever made outside of the United States. And it was such a wonderful memory to get and it's really in many ways one of the most beautiful albums that I ever made, just in terms of the sound.

– You're very active on social media. You're on every platform. Do you have a crew to help you out or do you do it by yourself?

– Thank you for saying that! It's something that I'm constantly working on, because I know that communication and connection is so important, and we have the opportunities through social media to actually connect individually. And so I do have people who help me, but I always like to bring my own voice to it. Because it is one-on-one... it's the same with music as with social media, we have the opportunity to connect one-on-one through anything. So I try to do that in social media.

– And my last question is that you are the founder of the Burnt Food Museum. How do you contribute to the exhibited pieces?

– Well, it was totally accidental. I apparently am not a great cook. Or I'm a great cook if you like it burnt. And I started collecting the pieces because they were so beautiful and I thought if this was just a meal it would be gone. But because it was... Because of the mistake, it became something greater. And that's important to me, not just in food, but in everything. Because of the mistake, because of something that we did naturally or accidentally, it became greater. The Museum of Burnt Food is funny, but it's also meaningful.

– Thank you very much!

– You're welcome!